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Cornish Food
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Cornish Food and Gifts

Our mission is to celebrate the Cornish food and drink scene through our range of delicious preserves and sauces.

We believe we have some of the very best produce right on our doorstep, this is why every one of our products champions another Cornish producer.


Whether you’re a lover of exciting preserves and sauces or simply a lover of all things Cornish, we’re here for you!

The Cornish Larder creates Cornish preserves & sauces celebrating delicious Cornish producers.

A perfect gift to any Cornish foodie lover!

The Cornish Artisan Food Club

Our monthly subscription box to discover small artisan producers in Cornwall.


Each month, you will receive one of our collaborative products as well as products from two fellow artisan producers based here in Cornwall. The kind of products you only find strolling through local farmers markets or deli’s.


Discovering the very best artisan food & Drink in Cornwall

The Cornish Artisan Food club


We have had the results back from the 2021 Taste of The West Awards, we won 6 gold medals & 1 silver medal! 

This now means every single one of our flavours has won an award! In total we have 8 Gold Medals, 1 silver & 1 commended!

Taste of the west Gold awards

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