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Sticky Chilli Jam Prawns
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Sticky Chilli Jam Prawns

Cornish Sticky Chilli Jam Prawns

Sticky Chilli Jam prawns is super simple easy mid-week meal idea. All the flavour comes from our Cornish chilli jam!


Cornish Sticky Chilli Jam Prawns


To make these Sticky Chilli Jam Prawns:

1.Very simply pan-sear your prawns, once these are close to done add in your onions and lightly fry.


2.Add a few dollops of Cornish Larder Chilli Jam, simmer on a low heat until syrupy.


3.Finally add your coriander and spinach til wilted.


4. Lightly toast the Ciabatta on the edge of the pan, then scoop straight out of the pan and onto the bread to eat.


This recipe would also lend itself really well to have with rice for a slightly larger evening meal.

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