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Cornish Food Gifts

Fennel, Lemon & Tarragon Relish


A super rare relish only available via our website & the Bude sea pool gift shop! This seaside inspired relish has been designed to celebrate the amazing Cornish coast and in particular our friends at Bude sea pool. A semi-natural sea pool on the North Cornish coast.


We have created a relish which celebrates all the flavours you would associate from the Cornish coast, resulting in a super fresh and aromatic relish. A perfect accompaniment to a delicious grilled fish or use to freshen up a salad. 

Bude sea pool is part of our heritage collection, a selection of preserves which pays tribute to Cornwall’s history and identity. This particular relish is a celebratory nod to the Cornish coast. 


One jar of Fennel, Lemon & Tarragon relish contains: Fennel (22%), Onion, Pear, Sugar, White Wine Vinegar (sulphites), Celery, Lemon, Salt, Fennel Seed, Celery Seed, Tarragon.

Store in a cool dry place and once opened keep refrigerated and consume within 21 days.


To find out more about Bude Sea Pool, head over to their website

You can also include this within a gift box here

Cornish food gifts three pack of Cornish preserves

Weight227 g
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