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A timeline of The Cornish Larder
The Cornish Larder
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Our aim is to bring Cornwall’s food & drink scene together in harmony. Every one of our delicious products is designed to celebrate another favourite Cornish producer . A jar from The Cornish Larder will take you on a complete culinary tour of the beautiful county we call home!

December 2017

Founders Jake & Abi came up with the idea when creating Christmas presents for their family. Jake came up with flavours and Abi created all the branding that you still see today.

March 2018

We started producing small batches of preserves at home, testing recipes and combining flavour combinations.

Summer 2018

We launched our products within local farmers markets and food festivals. Our packaging was very homemade and our table was simply a few upside down wooden crates.

October 2018

We got in touch with a local food distributor to help us get our products within farm shops, deli’s and tourist attractions.

November 2018

We managed to rent a kitchen from a local hotel to increase our production.

Christmas 2018

We had lots of Christmas markets and the amount of wholesale enquiries increased. It was fantastic but also very overwhelming!

Summer 2019

Still only a team of two, both with part time jobs, we were supplying over 50 stockists and now had two distributors.

November 2019

We launched “Taste of Cornwall”, a monthly four course meal celebrating food and drink you would find within our local farmers markets and deli’s.

January 2020

We begain renting our own unit near Padstow and built a production facility.


We now have 7 products celebrating 6 amazing producers. We supply over 75 stockists across Cornwall & Devon.

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