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Cornish Tomato & Chilli Pasta made with The Cornish Larder tomato and chilli relish with dead mans fingers rum
Cornish Tomato & Chilli Pasta
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Cornish Tomato & Chilli Pasta

Cornish Tomato and chilli pasta

A super simple Cornish Tomato & Chilli Pasta made with our Tomato, Chilli and Dead Mans’s Fingers Rum Relish! A perfect mid-week meal!


Cornish Tomato and chilli pasta


1. Carefully fill a large pot three-quarters of the way up with boiling water, add a tiny pinch of salt and bring back to the boil.

2. Add the pasta and cook according to packet instructions – you want to cook your pasta until it is al dente. This translates as ‘to the tooth’ and means that it should be soft enough to eat, but still have a bit of a bite and firmness to it.

3. Whilst the pasta is cooking, crumble your feta & slice your cherry tomatoes in half.

4. Once the pasta is done, ladle out and reserve a cup of the cooking water and keep it to one side, then drain in a colander over the sink.

5. Place your pot back on the heat with a splash of olive oil, then fry your cherry tomatoes until they blister. Add your jar of Tomato relish and season to taste.

6. Tip your pasta back into the pot and add a ladle of the pasta water to loosen the sauce if needed.

7. Serve up and sprinkle over your feta, chopped chives and black pepper.

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A jar of The Cornish Larder Tomato & Chilli Relish made with Dead Man's Fingers rum

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