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Welcome to The Cornish Food Club. A monthly subscription box full of artisan Cornish made food & drink.
The Cornish Artisan Food Club
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Welcome to The Cornish Artisan Food Club.

Your monthly subscription box to discover small artisan producers in Cornwall

Each month, you will receive one of our collaborative products as well as products from two fellow artisan producers based here in Cornwall. The kind of products you only find strolling through local farmers markets or deli’s.


Discovering the very best Artisan food & Drink in Cornwall


“When I started The Cornish Larder back in 2018, I spent most weekends at farmers markets & food festivals, I met some amazing people and tasted their incredible hand made products. Most of us had normal day jobs and produced our products in every spare second we had. These are some of the hardest working, kindest and resilient people I have ever met. This is my opportunity to share with you their amazing products.”

Jake Kendall, Founder of The Cornish Larder 

What’s in the The Cornish Artisan Food Club box?

You will receive a product from our range plus two other Cornish artisan food or drinks which we have chosen. Each month these will change, so you get the opportunity to discover lots of amazing producers. These products will always be from small producers, the kind of products you would find wondering a local farmers market or independent deli. 

What do u mean subscription?

You will get a Cornish food club parcel delivered to your door once a month. You pay initially for however many months you would like.

When will my subscription start?

Your first box will arrive around the 1st of the following month. For example if your order on the 10th June, your first box will be around 1st July.


All shipping fees are already included within the price (£3.50 per box)


This box is PERFECT for people who love discovering new artisan food & drink, the kind of produce you only find wondering a farmers market or local deli.

What if I change address?

No problem at all, just let us know before your next box and we can date your delivery info.

I have allergies/dietary requirements?

If you have any allergens or dietary requirements, please let us know in the comment section at checkout. We can then make sure you only receive products suitable.

Buying as a gift?

Simply put your recipients delivery address at the checkout & just make us aware it is a gift in the comment section. We will then email you with PDF which you can print at home and present to your loved one!

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